Milspec Services has been supporting the Australian Army since 1993 and has established an excellent reputation for exceptional customer service, quality product and a complete service and support capability. We work for the Department of Defence and Commercial Organisations in support of Defence Contracts. Supplying components to all ARMY SPO’S and Contractors with supplies varying from clothing to vehicle and weapon components. We are the Australian Agents for many vehicle and weapon component manufacturers, including Tecmotiv (USA) Inc, 3M and Donaldson Filtration. We are also a General Dynamics approved delegate supplier.

We have access to over 80,000 separate line items of Armoured Fighting Vehicle parts covering M113AS3/4, ASLAV, M1 Abrams, M88A2 Hercules. Through our relationship with U.S. Suppliers, we can access U.S Army Depots in support of U.S. Equipment currently in use with the Australian Army. We can manage the export and import of repairable items to U.S. Army facilities such as Anniston Army Depot with complete Serial number configuration and DECO and U.S. State Department approval.
We have been supporting Army Rotary operations for 18 years and have a vast supplier base that covers the supply of spares for all Helicopters currently fielded by the Army including CH-47D Chinook, S70A-9 Blackhawks, Bell 206 Kiowa’s, ARH Tiger, and MRH-90. Our ability to supply break down spares under urgent and AOG conditions is highly regarded and a service that we are building upon all the time. We can manage Rotary spares and repairs through our vast supplier base of over 14000+ suppliers and also utilise the facilities of the U.S. Militaries Corpus Christi and Tobyhanna Army Depot’s.

See below for a list of capabilities relevant to the Australian Army:

  • Composite Armour “Our partners in the form of Rock Island Arsenal, is the only place that has armor and composite CITE designation for design, prototype and production within the United States Government Organic Industrial Base.”
  • Towed Artillery & Mortars (M198, L119, M777A2, 120mm, 81mm and 60mm mortars)
  • CBRNE (Access to U.S. Army Chemical Management Agency (CMA) and Army Depots at Pine Bluff and Blue Grass.)
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicles. (Over 80,000 line items available from stock)
  • Small Arms and accessories. (Can overhaul following weapons through U.S. Army M4 carbines, M14EBR, Mk19 GMG, M2 .50cal HMG) also supply of lighter weapons by replacing tripods and bipods and other parts with titanium.
  • Engineering equipment. (Australian Partner for the Prototype Line of Communication Bridge for the U.S. Army)
  • Clothing, Webbing and Aerial dispatch equipment.
  • Consumables. (fasteners, tapes, paints)
  • Rotary. (Break down spares and repairs)
  • Communications and Batteries.
  • Special Forces specific Equipment. (Ballistic Blankets, tactical accessories, Breaching equipment)
  • Night vision and laser range finders.
  • Adventure training equipment. (Ropes, karabiners, helmets, wetsuits)
  • Defence Aid to the civil Community. (Firefighting extinguishers, rakes etc.)
  • Smoke Munitions, Flares, Green Energetics (Lead Free explosives)
  • Petrol’s, Oils, Lubricants, Adhesives.
  • Tooling.

Each shipment is quality checked in our own dispatch centre by technical personnel to ensure conformance to the customers purchase order and all relevant documentation and certificates of conformity are enclosed with the goods to enable speedy receipt by your team, and allow the parts to be quickly put into service.

Procurement of Spares
Acquisition of Equipment, Materials and Inventory for all areas of The Department of Defence.
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Repair and Overhaul Programs
Maintenance, Project and Logistic Management of Department of Defence Systems and Equipment.
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Ground Support Equipment
Handled by our sister company GSE Services, we offer an unparallelled level of access to a range of GSE solutions.
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