Total Logistics Support

With years of experience, Milspec Services can ensure efficient logistical support for the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces

Experience the unparalleled power of our logistics, delivering top-quality services that sustain operations.

Our unwavering precision ensures mission-critical goods reach their destination efficiently, empowering armed forces. We prioritise morale, delivering the right products with proper paperwork, contributing to readiness and mission success.

Our Total Logistics Support (TLS) offers tailored solutions for seamless supply chains, enhancing operational efficiency and mission accomplishment.

Our proficiency lies in procuring essential spares and equipment, guaranteeing their swift availability for mission-critical requirements. Through expert procurement, we cultivate a seamless supply chain, bolstering operational efficiency and preparedness.

Break Down Spares (BDS)

Efficiently replace essential components to reduce downtime and maintain operational continuity. The availability of readily accessible spares serves as a preventive measure against unexpected AOG demands.


Manage logistical intricacies by procuring rare or difficult-to-find items and collaborating with you to proactively address potential obsolescence challenges.


Deliver crucial resources such as adhesives, lubricants, fasteners, medical supplies and more to sustain operations. Our reliable supply chain guarantees peak performance and the well-being of personnel.

Rotatable Items​

Elevate operational preparedness by providing new rotatable items or comprehensive support for equipment repair and overhaul whenever necessary.

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